HTC Investors

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To explain the Economic Daily News report on July 17, 2013, page C3

1.Name of the reporting media: Economic Daily News, page C3

2.Date of the report:2013/07/17

3.Content of the report: Please refer to the Economic Daily News report

on July 17,2013, page C3.

4.Summary of the information provided by investors: N/A

5.Company's explanation of the reportage or provided information:

We are pleased with the jury’s decision which affirms our position

that HTC does not infringe any claims of Wi-LAN’s patent. HTC believes

that Wi-LAN has exaggerated the scope of its patent in order to extract

unwarranted licensing royalties from entities who have been focused on

bringing innovation forward in their own products.  HTC reiterates that

it respects intellectual property and is willing to evaluate the case merit

individually.  Meanwhile, HTC will continue to defend itself against such

unfounded claims in order to protect its shareholders and customers.


7.Any other matters that need to be specified: N/A