HTC Investors

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The Company is invited to attend Nomura at CES 2014, Las Vegas, USA.

1.Date of the investor conference:2014/01/08~2014/01/09

2.Time of the investor conference:1:00a.m.

3.Location of the investor conference: Las Vegas, USA.

4.Brief information disclosed in the investor conference:

The Company is invited to attend Nomura at CES 2014 on 2014/01/07-2014/01/08

(Las Vegas local time). During the meetings, the Company will discuss its

financial and operational performance for 3Q 2013.

5.The presentation of the investor conference release: Same presentation as

the one for 3Q 2013 earnings call dated November 05, 2013.

6.Will the presentation be released in the Company’s website: Yes

7.Any other matters that need to be specified: The meetings start at

9:00a.m. Las Vegas local time.