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Board of Directors' resolution regarding the agenda for convening the 2016 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of the Company
1.Date of the board of directors resolution: 2016/03/29
2.Date for convening the shareholders' meeting:2016/06/24
3.Location for convening the shareholders' meeting:
Chuto Hotel, Taoyuan, in the Jin Long Room
(Address: No.398, Taoying Road, Taoyuan City. Taiwan, R.O.C.)
4.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting:
(A) Discussion Matters:
(1) Discussion on the proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation.
(B) Matters to Report:
(1) Fiscal 2015 Business Report.
(2) Supervisors Audit Report.
(3) Share Buyback Execution Report.
(C) Adoption Matters:
(1) Adoption of the Fiscal 2015 Business Report and Financial Statements.
(2) Adoption of the Fiscal 2015 Deficit Compensation Proposal.
(D) Election Matters:
Proposal for the Company’s re-election of Directors and Supervisors.
(E) Discussion Matters:
(2)Proposal to release the newly-elected Directors from non-competition restrictions
(F) Extraordinary Motions
(G)Closure of the Meeting
5.Book closure starting date:2016/04/26
6.Book closure ending date:2016/06/24
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: N/A