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Announcement relating to the construction of Taipei headquarters in Xindian City Taipei County
1.Type of contract:Building construction

2.Date of occurrence of the event:2010/06/22~2011/09/20

3.Counterparty to the contract and relationship between it and the Company:
(1)Construction work is subcontracted based on the construction plan/schedule. Among the counterparties, Li Jin Engineering Co., Ltd. is the major one with contract amount above NTD 500 million.
(2)No relationship with the Company

4.Major content of the contract (including total contract amount, anticipated monetary amount of participation in the investment, and starting and ending dates of the contract), restrictive covenants, and other important stipulations:
In accordance with the budget for the Taipei headquarters approved by the Board of Directors on September 14, 2009, construction work contracted to Li Jin Engineering Co., Ltd. amounts to NTD 804,490,906 (including tax).
Restrictive covenants, and other important stipulations:None

5.Name of the professional appraisal institution and its appraisal opinion (not applicable to mandating others to build on the Company’s own land; also, the appraisal opinion should include an appraisal of the reasonableness of the contractual method of cooperation):N/A

6.Reason for any significant discrepancy with the transaction amount, and opinion of the certifying CPA:N/A

7.Is the appraisal report price a limited price or specific price?:N/A

8.Has an appraisal report not yet been obtained?:N/A

9.Reason an appraisal report has not yet been obtained:N/A

10.Concrete purpose/objective of the acquisition:The construction of the Taipei headquarters

11.Do the directors have any objection to the present transaction?:No

12.Any other matters that need to be specified:None