HTC Investors

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Announcement on behalf of HTC HK Limited. of its capital increase by issuance of new shares.

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2014/02/18

2.Source of capital increase funds: Receivable of High Tech Computer Asia

Pacific Pte. Ltd. due from HTC HK Limited. is converted to increase in share

capital of HTC HK Limited.

3.Number of shares issued:23,092,496 shares

4.Par value per share:HK$1

5.Total monetary amount of the issue:HK$23,092,496

6.Issue price: Total HK$23,092,496.87

7.Number of shares subscribed by or allotted to employees: N/A

8.Number of shares publicly sold: N/A

9.Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock dividends to existing

  shareholders:100% subscribed by existing shareholder, High Tech Computer

Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

10.Method of handling fractional shares and shares unsubscribed by the

   deadline: N/A

11.Rights and obligations of the newly issued shares: New shares proposed for

issuance are common shares. The rights and obligations of the new shares

proposed for issuance shall be identical to previously issued common shares.

12.Utilization of the funds from the capital increase: N/A; The transaction is

for restructuring of subsidiaries' investment framework within HTC group.

13.Any other matters that need to be specified: None